Timeline of Events in Dammaaj

Taken from Sahab.net

Note: This article was published Friday, 01 January 2010

As was mentioned earlier, Shaykh Yahyaa al Haajooree – may Allaah preserve him – advised his students to observe patience and that he preferred to preserve the Da’wah and the lessons being taught there rather than get involved in a battle. He clarified that their stance was that they will not betray a treaty with the Rafidah (Shee’ah), but it is they who are the oppressors and they will not stand by while being attacked.

“…But to take up weapons and attack them, I say, be patient and cautious until the oppression comes from them, as Allaah the Elevated stated {And they are the ones who started against you the first time}…and then we will not leave a mountain except that we will pursue them in, whether it be the mountains of Dammaaj or elsewhere…”

The following is a brief summary of recent events that have taken place in Dammaaj, one of the few strongholds of the Sunnah and its people. It is taken from a post on sahab.net mostly by Abu ‘Abdullaah Husayn al Kahlanee.

• The students of knowledge in Daarul Hadeeth in Dammaaj were abstaining from participating in the battles that were ignited by the Hoothies and were in a state of calmness. They were busy with their studies and goodness under their noble Shaykh – Yahyaa al Haajooree – may Allaah preserve and protect him. At the same time they feared the treachery of the Raafidah Hoothies as this is known from them, so they prepared to defend themselves, their families, homes and center;

• Approximately two weeks ago, the Hoothies proved treacherous and attacked the center, the students of knowledge defended themselves and repelled them and to Allaah belongs all praise;

• 04/01/1431: A student of knowledge was shot by the Hoothies, both sides exchanged fire…

• Despite this, lessons continued with calmness and tranquility as well as bravery and preparation from all the students of knowledge. We ask Allaah to preserve them and their state and support them against the Hoothies;

• 06/04/1431: Shaykh ‘Abdul Hameed al Haajooree and brother Husayn al Haajooree revealed the following through a telephone call: The tribe of Waadi’ee and some of the students of knowledge attacked the tyrannical Hoothies after their treachery. There were casualties on both sides including Shaykh ‘Abdul Hameed’s brother in law, may Allaah have mercy upon him and grant him Jannah, along with all his brothers;

• 07/01/1431: The state remains the same, with the exception of fighter jets now targeting Hoothie strongholds;

• When Shaykh Rabee’ may Allaah preserve him became aware of the state of affairs in Dammaaj, he called Shaykh Yahyaa al Haajooree giving his condolences for those whom we hope have been martyred from the students of knowledge as has been reported by Shaykh Abu Hammaam as Sowma’ee;

• There is calmness at the center in Dammaaj and all general as well as specific lessons continue as they were before;

• 09/01/1431: An assault takes place against the Hoothies that included some students of knowledge. There were casualties on both sides but the Hoothies were defeated and the operation was a success and all praise is due to Allaah. Shaykh Yahyaa continues to teach and enjoin patience upon the students as they defend themselves against the Hoothies;

• 10/01/1431: The Hoothies detonated an area where some of the brothers were taking guard, one was killed and three were severely injured;

• 11/01/1431: Calmness and tranquility resume at the center as the Yemeni government continues to pound Hoothie strongholds;

• On this day, Darul Hadeeth in Dammaaj is in a state that has not been witnessed in many months, as great numbers of students of knowledge arrive at Dammaaj from various cities, towns and centers from around Yemen to support their brothers (Allaahu Akbar);

• 12/01/1431: A call to Shaykh ‘Abdul Hameed al Haajooree reveals a state of calmness and tranquility in Dammaaj. One of the strongholds of the Hoothies that was used to attack the center in Dammaaj was destroyed by fighter jets;

• 14/01/1431: Shaykh Muhammad ibn Rabee’ ibn Haadee al Madkhalee summarized the meaning of the verse {Those to whom the people said, “Verily, the people have gathered against you (a great army), therefore, fear them.” But it (only) increased them in Faith, and they said: “Allaah (Alone) is Sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs (for us).”} on sahab.net and clarifies that the Raafidah are more dangerous to Ahlus Sunnah than anyone else. He makes Du’aa that Allaah takes revenge for the vilification of ‘Aaisha and the companions of the Messenger and bears witness for his love for them including Ahlul Bayt. Calmness and tranquility continue at Darul Haadeeth.

May Allaah preserve and protect them. The Hoothies have also transgressed over the Saudi border as Shaykh Yahyaa mentioned previously:

“it is the Raafidah who are the oppressors who started this trial, and it is not only Yemen that is their goal, rather they have books where they have the whole Arab peninsula as their objective. So do not think that they only want Sa’dah…”

Joining the Saudi soldiers were two mountains of knowledge, Shaykh Zayd al Madkhalee and Shaykh Saaleh as Suhaymee, they were there educating the soldiers, increasing their Eemaan, and encouraging them.

Abu ‘Eesaa al Kamilee reported that he accompanied Shaykh Muhammad ibn Haadee al Madkhalee to the southern border around two weeks ago. He joined his brothers from the scholars and the soldiers.

All three of them were in the midst of the battles, clarifying the truth, giving lessons and encouraging the soldiers. Scholars in speech and action, may Allaah preserve and protect them all.

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