Timetable for Students in Dammaaj

They (the students) pray Fajr in Jama’ah in two Masjids. The first one being the Masjid of the institution which is called “the Masjid of the Library” with our Shaikh Yahya son of Ali Al Hajuuri (may Allah preserve him) the Khaleefah of Shaikh Muqbil Ibn Haadi Al Wadi’ee (May Allah have mercy upon him) leading them in the Fajr Salaat and he is the best of those who proceeded from those who preceeded. Allah has helped by him the Da’wah and humiliated innovations and there is another Masjid in the farmlands, and the farmlands contain the houses of the students who come seeking knowledge with their families.

When Salaat Ul Fajr is finished they remember Allah and read the Qur’an until sunrise then whoever wishes to pray the two Raka’ah of Salaat Ul Ishraaq does so. After this they turn to their specific lessons in all sciences and the most well known of their lessons is the lesson of our Shaikh the knowledgeable Yahya son of Ali Al Haajuri who remains with his students in rememberences and revision of the Qur’an which his guard reads to him or one of his students. Then he prays the two Raka’ah of Salaat Ul Ishraaq and then goes to sit with guests in order to teach whomsoever is present from his students. And this class is not compulsory, any student that wishes to do so sits in that class. Books are read quite quickly, whenever the Shaikh finishes with a book he opens another book. Until now he has read through Zaad Ul Ma’aad, the explanation of ‘ilal at Tirmidhi by Ibn Rajab (may Allah have mercy upon him), Haadi Al Arwaah by Ibnul Qayyim (may Allah have mercy upon him), Al Adhkaar by Imam An Nawawi (may Allah have mercy upon him), and he is now teaching the book Subulus Salaam by Imam As San’aani (may Allah have mercy upon him). And these lessons are very beneficial by the will of Allah because it makes clear that which is not understandable, specifies the general, clarifies that which is not clarified and he refutes errors. And during this lesson and after it there are various other lessons in inheritance, creed, language, jurisprudence, the science of Hadeeth for about an hour until Thuhr, Every student enters into classes that are appropiate for them. And those who are busy with memorizing remains with what he is memorizing and also those who are reviewing. As for those who research then the library is open for them from 6 o’clock in the morning until before the Adhaan by 20 minutes. The guard then informs the students about the time to leave in preparation for the Thuhr Salaat then the students come together in the Masjid for the Adhaan and after it then they pray four raka’aats before Thuhr because of the Hadeeth of Aisha (May Allah be pleased with her) in the Saheeh and in some cases they differ therefore praying two raka’ah because of the Hadeeth of Ibn Umar (May Allah be pleased with him and his father) in the Saheehain and then they pray Thuhr in Ja’amah. Afterwards they make their rememberences for Salaat and then they pray that which comes after then the Shaikh Al Allamah Abi Abdir Rahmaan Yahya Al Hajuuri proceeds with his daily lesson that does not cut off except for Juma’ah otherwise it is countinuous even on the days of the ‘Eed celebrations and these classes occur in the following order: On Saturdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays there is Tafseer of Ibn Katheer (may Allah have mercy upon him). And in other days the Jaami’ As Saheeh by Imam Al Wadi’ee (May Allah have mercy upon him.

And usually the Shaikh before the lesson answers some of the questions and inquiries of his brothers from the students of knowledge or giving attention to what needs to be given attention to…

Then they go and eat their lunches and whoever wishes he goes to the library before Asr and then they get ready for Asr and do the same as they do for Thuhr and then the Shaikh gives a daily lesson in Saheeh Al Bukhari which does not stop unless there is a furneral and the rest of the classes are like this and at this time the Shaikh answers questions and then the students read the Hadeeth and then the Shaikh reads the Hadeeth following it and then put notes upon it after this and then the students proceed to their work. Those who are researchers go to the library, teachers go to their lessons and the Shaikh sits down with visitors and those who have problems advising them, clarifying matters to them and calling to Allah then he returns to his house and reviews his research or puts forward the research of his brothers and other than this from his work. After this the students make their afternoon thikr and they get ready for Maghrib and then pray it and then they do their rememberances after the prayer and their superagatory prayers…

And after Maghrib … the Shaikh usually gives lessons and answers questions and then teachers Saheeh Muslim then Sunan As Sughra by Imam Al Baihaqi, then the book Iqtida Siraat Ul Mustaqeem, and before that he puts makes note of some issues in Umdah Fil Fiqh Al Hanbali. And this class goes on until the Isha Salaat for about one and a half hours or one hour and forty five minutes. Afterwards, we pray Isha and then the single  students go to eat their dinner, the married students to their houses, the researchers to their libraries, and whomsover has classes they go to their classes and those who review go back to what they were reviewing. Then the electricity gets turned off by 10:00 p.m …


1) I didn’t translate everything on the site however I just stuck to the important aspects of the timetable since that was the intention.  If anyone wishes to add to it please check


2) I chose to translate this so that maybe some of those who spread mischief can reflect at the amount of good that is being done in Dammaj.

And Allah knows best.

– Taken from Musa Millington

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  1. Dear Brother in Islam Assalam Aleykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu
    I live in USA and my family stay in AFRICA can i send them here to darul hadeeth to take part is islaamic education, what is the prosiger of coming to Dammaj and how long will it take for one who know quran to finish it
    How can i get a house for my family and how is the living here,eg.cost of the house, electric,water,food,hospital…..
    Insha-allah waiting for your reply.
    Wacalaykum Assalam

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