Major Difficulty

Excerpt from Markaz Al-Medina’s Site (institute based in San’aa, Yemen

The student who is eager to study in Yemen usually wishes primarily to study in Dammaj due to the intensive studies there. Unfortunately it may be difficult for non-Yemeni students to succeed in getting there. It is currently almost prohibited for foreign students to go to Dammaj. We tried with our Institute to address this problem by locating the Institute in the same building as Masjid As-Sharqain in which Sheikh Maamar Bin Abdul Jaleel Al-Qadasi is in charge. Sheikh Maamar Al-Qadasi is one of the eminent scholars from Dammaj. He studied many years with Sheikh Muqbil Bin Haadi Al-Wade’ I. In addition to this there are many other scholars who regularly visit the masjid to give lectures.

Prohibition of foreigners to go to Dammaj is mainly for political reasons. The government obliged all guarantors or sponsors to prohibit students from traveling to that area. The Yemeni Government is responding to the international policies pertaining to the combat of terrorism. These foreign pressures therefore result in the close monitoring of foreigners movements which is one form of applying this policy.

It is worth mentioning that Yemen though provides well being to many foreigners. Here below is some information on Yemen :-

• Security and Peace: Yemen is a safe country. There are no overt crimes in the form that may be apparent in other countries. Furthermore, the student can travel to most places freely and easily. Moreover, the Yemeni citizens receive foreigners with pleasure and happiness and render them with all assistance. They always seek to facilitate the matters of foreigners and assist them in achieving well being.

• Health Care: Despite lack of medical advances in Yemen , the medication available is able to keep up with modern medicine. There are good doctors and suitable services. There are also a number of free health institutions in addition to many hospitals and private clinics, where medication and consultation is relatively cheap compared with other countries.

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  1. Salam alaikum
    I am really interesting and i want study there please i need information how to get the visa and how to get to Dammaj hpe to hear from you soon
    Isiyaku Abdullahi Nigeria

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