Description of Class Schedule

On top of the masjid is a musallaa for the women where Umm Abdillaah Aishah bint Ash-Sheikh Muqbil gives her classes for the women. Other women such as Umm Salamah the wife of Ash-Sheikh Muqbil and Umm Shu’aib the former wife of Ash-Sheikh Muqbil and presently one of Ash-Sheikh Yahyaa’s wives and other women also have classes for the women. Some of the women also listen to the classes of Ash-Sheikh Yayhaa by way of the speaker system.

The women also have a large library next to their musallaa on top of the masjid where they can do research. Ash-Sheikh Yahyaa gives three general classes each day in the masjid for all students to attend; only those who are sick or are on security for the day or have asked permission from the Sheikh are excused from attending.
This is so the Sheikh can know the status of his students, how they are progressing and for other reasons. The first class of the Sheikh is after the Dhuhr prayer when he teaches Tafseer Ibn Katheer one day and Al-Jaami’ As-Saheeh by Ash-Sheikh Muqbil the next day. The next class is after the Asr prayer when he teaches Saheeh Al-Bukhaaree.

The students are expected to memorize the hadeeth read in the class of Al-Bukhaaree and the class of Al-Jaami’ As-Saheeh unless the hadeeth is long then those who don’t memorize are not blamed. The third class is after the Maghrib prayer. This is the longest class. The Sheikh in these days starts the class with a brief explanation of Al-Aqeedah As-Siffaareenee then reads from Saheeh Muslim then reads from As-Sunan As-Sughraa by Al-Baihaqee then gives a brief explanation of matn al-waraqaat in usool al fiqh.

Those are the daily classes given by Ash-Sheikh Yayhaa, may Allaah protect him and aide him. Then there are classes announced in specific subjects in specific books. The class and it’s time and place and teacher are announced over the loud speaker and are written on a board for the students to know. Classes are opened in all sciences and go all year round only stopping for Ramadaan when most people focus on reviewing Qur’aan while some students go on Umr’ah and others go back to their home villages and cities to give da’wah.

Also it should be noted that Ash-Sheikh Abdur-Rahmaan Al-Adanee is presently giving a class in Aayaatul-Ahkaam (the verses that have legal rulings) and Umdatul-Ahkaam Al-Kubraa one day for each class after Asr after the class in Saheeh Al-Bukhaaree. Ash-Sheikh Abdur-Rahmaan also gives the women a class every thursday in the women’s musallaa in the housing section called the mazra’ah by way of loud speaker from a mic in a room adjacent to the women’s musallaa.

The women are also able to write down questions for the Sheikh in this class. There are also many English and French speaking students who teach Arabic to those who don’t know Arabic. Inshaallaah I plan on opening a class for the brothers after Ramadaan in one of the madeenah books and plan to continue with the brothers until we reach Ibn Aqeel, may Allaah help us. There are also women who teach the sisters that don’t know Arabic.

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  1. i am student of sheirh fauzan al fauzan i would like to visite yemen buit a have epilepsic and i am asmatic its is true that one of the best student of sheirh ibn baz rahimulah is in mauritania

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