Shaykh Rabee’ on Dammaaj

This was sent to us by Nawaaz as-Srilaankee, a student in Dammaaj. The objective was to encourage the brothers to travel to seek knowledge.

The following is a translation of Shaykh Rabee’s praise for Dammaaj and the Salafee Mashaayikh of Yaman Hafidhaahumullaah.


Statements of the Great Scholar, the Imaam of al-Jarh wa ta’deel in the era, Rabee’ ibn Hadee al-Madkhalee in praise of Shaykh Yahyaa and Daarul-Hadith in Dammaj.

1. The noble brother Aboo Abdur-Rahmaan the student of the great Scholar Rabee ibn Haadee, informed us when he came to visit Dammaj that he heard a Shaykh Rabee say

“Verily ash-Shaykh Yahya is a person who possesess knowledge and Abul-Hassan (al-Misree) is not equivalent to the shoe of Shaykh Yahya al-Haajooree.

2. The Imaam Rabee’ ibn Hadee was asked on the 23rd of Ramadhaan 1424;

“What is your opinion of going to study at Daarul Hadith in Dammaj, Yemen, knowing that I am a new student?

The Imaam answered by saying “Indeed it is befitting that you journey to this strong hold from the strong holds of Islaam, to this light house from the light houses of Islaam. Indeed journey should be made to it and the knowledge should be sought there.

He (student of Knowledge) will find – insha’Allah- much good there and he will find the Sunnah and guidance and he will find there adherence to the Prophet (May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him). By Allah, we encourage studying at this abode which is from the strong holds and light houses of the Sunnah. In it – insha’Allah- are men from the people of the Sunnah and guidance and knowledge, we ask Allaah that he keeps them firm on the Sunnah and that he bring about benefit by them and that He make them from amongst those who carry the banner of the Sunnah, in this time period in which innovations have accumulated and trials have evolved. We seek refuge in Allaah.

So all praise are due to Allaah so whoever wants good and wants guidance and whoever wants to be far away from tribulations, he must cling to the strongholds of the Sunnah – all praise due to Allaah – They are numerous in many countries and in particular this strong hold which I see in it clear distinction and all praises are due to Allaah to make it go smooth for the one who strives to it seeking the guidance from its source and seeking an enlightenment from the Sunnah and good that is there.”

3. The brother Sameer al-Hudaydee mentioned in the preface to questions he presented to a Shaykh Yahya from brothers residing in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. That he went to Shaykh Rabee’ and said:

The followers of Abul Hasan (al-Misree) say there are no ‘Ulamaah in Yemen!”, so ash-Shaykh Rabee responded by saying “Ash-Shaykh Muhammad (Ibn Abdulwahhab), what is he?! And Shaykh Yahya what is he?! And other then them from their fellow brothers!”

4. The great Scholar Ahmad an-Najmee said in the preface to ash-Shaykh Yahyaa’s book ‘a Subh-ashaariq ” . .’:

“And a Shaykh Yahyaa (May Allaah reward him a good reward) has refuted him “az-Zindaanee”. In this short passages and in other places with a refutation that silences the adversary using decisive clear proofs from the Book and the authentic Sunnah, so may Allaah reward him a good reward and bless him and may Allaah make numerous the likes of him those who defend the truth and support Tawheed and gaurds its boundaries. And with Allaah is success”.

The noble brother Ameen ibn Ahmad ash-Shaame al-Yemaanee said: I went to Shaykh Muhammad ibn AbdulWahhad al-Wassabee visiting him. So he said in the sitting:

“Verily Allaah has made successful in his choosing Shaykh Yahya for Daarul-Hadith” and also he said” Dammaj still remains as a source of knowledge in Yemen”

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