Anyone Ready to go to Yemen?


“I was speaking to a friend today. And he was telling me that a few brothers from Trinidad went to Yemen for a year and they had one word to describe it: HARD. They told him that it wasn’t really the living conditions that turned them off but rather it was the fact that in Yemen they study 24/7 and was a bit too rigorous for them.

I said to myself, Subhan Allah. A lot of people want to go to Yemen in order to seek knowledge. But few prepare for such a journey. I am not speaking about financial preparation because anyone can save up enough money to go to Yemen. Rather, I am speaking about mental preparation.

On this note, how many brothers and sisters do we find memorizing Qur’an, Hadeeth or texts or even making the effort to do so?

Honestly, after hearing that I even fear for myself. Then again one of the Companions of the Messenger said: “Say to the student of knowledge to put on shoes of steel…”. Over there one has to memorize books. A student who was there told me that a weak student memorizes at least 25 Hadeeth per week!!

You don’t write an exam and get a certificate like other institutions. The scholars there actually test you on what you have memorized from Ahadeeth and other texts and assess you upon that. If you look in the book of Tabaqaat by Shaikh Yahya Al Haajuri you would see: So and so memorized the Qur’an, Saheeh Al Bukhari, Saheeh Al Muslim etc.

Then at the end of the day you get no certificate at all but what you would have are the Ahadeeth and action upon it inshallah ta’ala. And I guess this is why at the end of the day I don’t really care to return to an institute per say because I desire not any certificate. I have seen how a piece of paper has fooled many into thinking that those who hold them are people of knowledge when it is opposite. And Allah’s help is sought.

Therefore, is anyone ready to go to Yemen?”

Taken from Musa Millington’s Blog

Published on December 29, 2008 at 8:11 am  Comments (13)  

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  1. InshaAllah

    Anyone else planning on going?

  2. As Salaam Alaikum,
    Inshallah yes brother me and my wife would like to go there.
    Please tell me the way and contacts.
    Ma Salaam

  3. Wa Alaikom As Salaam Wa Rahmatullah,

    ya Abu Abdullah my email adress is let me have yours so we can get in touch InshaAllah.

  4. jazak allah khairan akhi

    yes i want to go to dammaj in shaa allah akhi

    but i dont have money and i want to marry too

    and i want to know about iqana and such and such so

    i will add u akhi to messenger please .

  5. Asalaamu aleykum sister,

    Alot of the sisters from my area have gone to daar-ul-hadeeth to learn and i have received really positive feedback alhamdullilah. However many got sick and had to come back.
    As u have beautifully put it sis, i am also worried about not being able to stick to the rigorous study plan, im in my last year of uni and i am used to studying. I’m thinking that this and my thirst for knowlegde is gona get me through it? Am I being naive for thinking this way? i only learn Qur`aan here..i havnt had time to learn any arabic
    jazallah khair for any replies
    wa aleykum salaam
    Umm Abbas

  6. salaamu alaikum. I am very much looking to make hijr to yemen. However, i have no idea how to get started. i am not married and have 3 children. i have no sister that i am aware of thats looking to go in the essex county area. please, insha allah give me some advise on how to proceed. i will await your reply. salaamu alaikum

  7. Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahamtullah,

    me and my husband insha’allah would like to make Hijra in Yemen and would like to know how this can be done and what do we need to have.

    If there are any other Muslims married out there that would like to go insha’allah please get in touch.

    Jazakallah Khair

  8. Masha alahu bro. And sitr,s that is real live plz pray 2 us

  9. A-o-A Brothers & Sisters

    The institute sounds really interesting. I am currently looking at places to learn islamic studies and arabic in order to please Allah (SWTA). Can anyone tell me how much you need to save in order to spend a year there? What are the living conditions like?

    Jaza Allah Khair

  10. salamalaykum
    i really need help i need contact or invitation letter which i will used for applying visa from nigeria or any advise for visa thaks, may Allah Grand you Jannatul Firdaus amin

  11. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim,
    Assalamualaikum wa Rahmetullahi wa Berekatuh,

    brother my name is mahmoud, I am an turkish man 23 jears old, and living in germany, I want to study the Diin, so I surched a place, their I can learn the Diin as Quran and As Sunnah, I can´t speak the arabic language, only little bit, Elhamdullilah I can read arabic an the Quran with Tajweed, but I have tp learn to understand it and more. How can I can study by you?
    Can you help me further, please?

    May ALLAH (SWT) help you.

    your brother Mahmoud

    Assalamualaikum wa Rahmetullahi wa Berekatuh,

  12. manshallah this place. i live in a world were am constly surround by kufars i wish that i could make it over there but i cant because of a muhharam but insha’allah i am thinking of moving from america and never coming back insha’allah plz keep me in your prayers if you can asaluma calycum

  13. Shoe’s of steel and tins of tuna!! 25 Hadiths a Week!! Subhan’Alah.

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